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Warehousing and Storage Service

Yogi Packers and Movers have Warehousing facilities that are equipped to handle bulk cargo, including various other requirements such as; Break bulk We can handle cargo that is in units, packages, crates, bags, Bulk, We can handle cargo that is unpacked or undivided into parts and handled in mass. Shipments which are not packaged, but are loaded directly into the vessels holds. We provide or arrange for best warehousing and storage services for restoring goods for a specified time frame all over India. Our warehouses in various parts of the country are well guarded, waterproof, spacious and fully insured ensuring complete safety of your goods. All the incoming materials to the warehouse are stored properly after the inspection of the goods. Also, they acquire modern wall construction with numerous Truck doors, Ground loading / unloading facilities, modern security & fire protection, after hour security guard, computerized inventory control, Light assembly and Cross docking.

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